Long weekends are my type if weekends. 🌎 #universalStudios #orlando

Ya no se como decirte que te amo sin que suene cursi la composición. ❤️ 06/17/12

Happy birthday @emv22  today you turn 21 Im so glad i got to Grow up with The most creative and unique person i Know. Idk who id be wothoutyou. Memel this picture sums up our whole friendship, and I know someday when were both making it big in L.A, were still gonna be as inseparable as we are today. Happy birthday broski next year is my turn and were gonna be celebrating it in Vegasss, meanwhile you’ll be purchasing he alcohol for me. Jaja. Love you bestest friend/boredomangel.

Rough Terrain. (at a rocky place. )

#floatopia #miami #beach. 🚣🌊

Suelen ser tus labios el mejor lugar para estar. 💋


Marijuana in a Los Angeles Jail 1951

It would be nice to know you would do the same for me.